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Bono on How U2 Began Inside Larry Mullen Jr.’s Kitchen, 1976

In October of 2005, Bono was down in Cancun, Mexico relaxing before U2 kicked off the second leg of their Vertigo Tour when he sat down with Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner for a cover story interview. The discussion lasted for over ten hours across two days. 

“Anyone who has been to a U2 concert knows Bono’s dramatic ability to tell a story and his sheer love of words,” Wenner wrote at the time. “One on one, he is just as impressive, full of wit and charm. And he does love to talk.”

They devoted special attention to U2’s earliest days, when the four members came together in the kitchen of drummer Larry Mullen Jr. They were still teenage students at Dublin’s Mount Temple School with very little musical knowledge, but endless ambition. “Edge hit a guitar chord which I’d never heard on electric guitar,” Bono said. “I mean, it is the open road. Kids started coming from all around the place – all girls. They know that Larry lives there. They’re already screaming; they’re already climbing up the door. He was completely used to this, we discover, and he’’ taking the hose to them already. Literally, the garden hose.” Check out this new, animated video to hear Bono tell more about the humble birth of U2. 

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