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Courtney Love Fired Memoir Ghostwriter for Being ‘Too Tell-All’

Courtney Love is writing a memoir, but the process is off to an awkward start. The singer-actress already fired her first ghostwriter for trying to make her divulge too many “sleazy” stories, she told Seth Meyers on Tuesday’s Late Night. “I’m on my second ghostwriter,” she said. “The first one was too tell-all.”

The Hole frontwoman, on-hand to promote her role in the Lifetime original movie Menendez: Blood Brothers, added that she has “a lot of secrets” that won’t make the book. But she’s fine with writing about stories other people leaked, including details that wound up on the Internet. “It is fun because my Wikipedia, a lot of things leaked,” she said. “If it’s on my Wikipedia, it’s fair game.” (When Meyers asked why she doesn’t just alter her own Wiki page, Love said she isn’t tech-savvy enough to pull it off.) 

Ultimately, the grunge icon wants a “tasteful” memoir, highlighting the work of Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Keith Richards as examples. “I want a co-writer,” she said. “I don’t want to write it myself, and I want somebody to make it funny and true.” And she knows the best source material: “I’m gonna print out my Wikipedia,” she said, grinning. 

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