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Hear Haim’s Dizzying New Song ‘Little of Your Love’

Haim released the new song, “Little of Your Love,” from their upcoming second LP, Something to Tell You.

The track showcases the trio’s deft ability to combine classic pop hooks with complex production and arrangements. Guitarist Danielle Haim croons romantic lyrics over a shapeshifting groove layered with chiming piano, twangy guitar fills, arena-worthy tom-tom flourishes, gurgling electronics and a climactic wah-wah solo.

The Haim sisters recently told Rolling Stone they wrote “Little of Your Love” as a “homework assignment,” submitting it for the Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck. The challenge of working on a strict timeline focused the trio – and even though the song didn’t make the final cut, that process catalyzed their long-awaited second LP, which follows 2013’s Days Are Gone.  

“Suddenly, there wasn’t this daunting, abstract, second-record weight hanging over us,” said Alana Haim. “It was, ‘You have a week.’ … We got back to just ‘write how you’re feeling.’ After that, we wrote hundreds of songs. It was like vomit.”

“Little of Your Love” is the third track Haim released from their new LP, out July 7th. The band previously issued debut single “Want You Back” and “Right Now,” the latter featuring a video from acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.

Haim will perform Sunday, June 25th at the Glastonbury Festival, and they’ll follow Thursday, June 29th with a Tonight Show guest spot. 

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