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Hear Iggy Pop’s Harrowing Vocal on New Oneohtrix Point Never Song

Iggy Pop gives a dynamic vocal performance on his new song with experimental musician Oneohtrix Point Never, “The Pure and the Damned.” The song is in the new Robert Pattinson-starring film, Good Time. 

Daniel Lopatin, the musician who goes by Oneohtrix Point Never, scored the film. The soundtrack recently won the award for Best Soundtrack at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The Good Time soundtrack comes out August 11th via Warp. 

“The Pure and the Damned” is a deceptively simple piano ballad that opens with Iggy Pop singing over a tender melody. Over the course of the song, Pop’s vocal shifts from raspy croon to spoken word while the production builds into an array of synths. “The pure always act from love,” Pop sings. “The damned always act from love/ That’s love.”

The Good Time soundtrack marks Lopatin’s third film score, following his work on the 2015 film Partisan. His last solo album, Garden of Delete, also came out that year. More recently, Oneohotrix Point Never co-produced Anohni’s 2016 album Hopelessness and her recent follow-up EP, Paradise

Iggy Pop’s last album, Post Pop Depression, came out in 2016. The rocker also sang on three songs on Loneliness Road, a new record from Jamie Saft’s jazz trio and partnered with Danger Mouse for a song from the Gold soundtrack.

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