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Hear Prince’s Dreamlike ‘Purple Rain’ Instrumental ‘Father’s Song’

Prince‘s ethereal instrumental “Father’s Song,” another unreleased track from the upcoming Purple Rain reissue, has been revealed.

A portion of “Father’s Song” appeared in the film Purple Rain, with the track representing an unfinished work the singer’s father had composed. Elements of “Father’s Song” were also incorporated into Purple Rain‘s “Computer Blue.”

While truncated forms of “Father’s Song” have been bootlegged throughout the years, the reissue rendition marks the first official release of Prince’s complete five-and-a-half-minute take.

“Father’s Song” joins previous unreleased Purple Rain reissue tracks “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden” and a studio take on “Electric Intercourse.” The reissue, due out June 23rd, also features songs unearthed from the Prince vaults like “Katrina’s Paper Dolls,” a 10-minute take on “We Can Fuck,” “Velvet Kitty Kat” and more.

The reissue also boasts the album’s single edits, B-sides, seven-inch mixes and a Blu-ray featuring a March 1985 concert from the Purple Rain Tour.

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