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Miley Cyrus Gets Uplifting With Country-Tinged New Song ‘Inspired’

Miley Cyrus has unveiled the studio version of her new single “Inspired,” the song she debuted at the One Love Manchester benefit concert.

Cyrus said she released the uplifting single “in celebration of [Pride Month] and the desperate cry for more love in this world.”

“Inspired” keeps with the gentle, country-tinged vibe of “Malibu,” as Cyrus sings, “Pull the handle on the door that opens up to change / I know that sounds so strange / ‘Cause you’ve always felt so small, but know you aren’t at all / And I hope you feel inspired.”

The strings-laden track also finds Cyrus getting nostalgic about her childhood and pondering the future. “Death is life, it’s not a curse / Reminds us of time and what it’s worth,” she sings.

Both “Inspired” and “Malibu” are expected to appear on Cyrus’ new LP, the stripped-down follow-up to her glitterbomb Dead Petz album.

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