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Review: Big Thief’s ‘Capacity’ Is a Raw Folk-Rock Gem

Adrianne Lenker is aromantic folk-rock poet of the first order – see “Watering,” whichuncovers unnerving beauty in lines like “my blood was dripping into hismouth.” Her Brooklyn group’s second set is even prettier and moreintense than their 2016 debut, a mix of seductive and scary with lyrical turns thatrarely fail to surprise, even on repeated listens. One highlight is “SharkSmile,” an impressionistic riff on rock & roll’s fantasyspace, about a mythic girl and a heap of cash with a pile-up of highwaymetaphors. Funny, propulsive, queer, dissonant, and utterly intoxicating, itgilds a record to put on next time some stooge tells you indie rock is dead.

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