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Review: Gov’t Mule Make Southern Rock Tradition Proud on ‘Revolution Come…Revolution Go’

With Gregg Allman’sdeath in May, Warren Haynes is now Southern rock’s paterfamilias, and his band’slatest does the tradition proud. Politics loom like storm clouds straightawaywith “Stone Cold Rage,” all snarling Hendrixian wah-wah and lyricsabout people “taking it to the streets.” His bullshit detector is on– “how do you spell ‘prey’?” he asks the “cartoon savior”of “Drawn That Way” – and if Haynes doesn’t have solutions muchbeyond music’s unifying power, that’s enough. The album arcs like awell-calibrated live set through the soaring “Thorns of Life,” theHall and Oates soul of “Sarah, Surrender,” and the title track’sspikey New Orleans funk. But the instant classic is “Travelling Tune,”a road dog’s testimonial to his fans, with a Jerry Garcia-style guitar flight after chorus #1, and an Allman Brothers-styled doubled-lead after #2. It’s anarchetype for the jam band culture that he, as much as any living musician,makes matter. 

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