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See Coldplay’s Animated Lyric Video for ‘All I Can Think About is You’

Coldplay ponder earthly matters and beyond in their new animated lyric video for “All I Can Think About is You.” It’s the first track on their forthcoming Kaleidoscope EP, which will be available for download and stream on July 14th via Atlantic, with the CD and vinyl due on August 4th.

The contemplative song’s slowly unfurling bassline ushers in singer Chris Martin’s countdown to messy world issues. “Chaos giving orders/ Everything is upside down,” he sings. Directed by I Saw John First, the animated visuals depict cells morphing into animals and then into humans when the clip opens, and later it expands into space themes.

Despite the lyric’s initial dire outlook, the song ends on a romantic, hopeful note. While there are “troubles on the outside,” Martin croons, “All I can think about is you.” The song’s meditative melodies build into a dramatic crescendo as Martin concludes, “love is the only thing left that’s true.”

The five-song Kaleidoscope EP features the previouslyreleased “Hypnotised” and a new live version of Coldplay’scollaboration with The Chainsmokers, “Something Just Like This,” which was recorded in Tokyo in April. Newsongs include the Brian Eno-penned “Aliens” and “Miracles(Someone Special),” Coldplay’s collaboration with Big Sean.

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