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See Drake, Will Ferrell as ‘Handshake Coaches’ in NBA Awards Sketch

Drake, the host of the inaugural NBA Awards, kicked off the show Monday night by starring alongside Will Ferrell in a sketch about “handshake coaches.”

In the two-minute sketch, the rapper, as “NBA handshake specialist” Coach Palmer, and the actor – as Coach Murphy, an NBA Dexterity Technician – are tasked with improving a team’s celebration game.

“Guys, we’ve seen a lot plays from you today, but your handshakes…” Drake says. Ferrell interjects, “Your handshakes aren’t worth dog crap. If you score and your handshake sucks, we will trade you!”

Toronto Raptors star Demar Derozan protests the coaches’ strategy, leading Drake to quip, “Demar I say it, the less I like it.”

Ferrell and Drake then teach the players a series of over-the-top celebrations, including “the Jenga,” “the Gossip Queen, “the Obi-Wan Kenobi” and, most controversially, “the Black Dad.”

The NBA Awards will also feature a performance by Nicki Minaj.

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