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DC Films Podcast On The Mixx – April 2017

While many of our geek shows here on the Mixx Radio Network are dedicated to some of the great DC TV shows, the world of DC goes beyond the silver screen as the DC Extended Universe is coming to life on the big screen. One of our geekiest shows is the DC Films Podcast and if you missed any of the airings of the podcast this month on The Mixx, do not fear as we have all the episodes for you to catch up!

DC Films Podcast – Episode 32: Con Artists

Roy and Shaina take the show on the road as they host their first panel at Central PA Comicon in York, PA! After going through the news for the week, and spending some time talking about the current state of the DCEU, Roy and Shaina opened up the floor to questions and conversation with the audience! Lots of DC fans in PA! Thanks to everyone who came to the panel and participated in the podcast, and thanks to Central PA Comicon for hosting us!

DC Films Podcast – Episode 33: Who Should Play Batgirl?

On this week’s DC Films Podcast, Sark, Shaina and Roy talk about the contributions of Bill Finger to the legacy of Batman in anticipation of the upcoming Free Comic Book Day release of the Hulu documentary, “Batman and Bill.” Then they explore some fancasting for the titular role in Joss Whedon’s “Batgirl,” which leads to an impromptu PSA and discussion about diversity in the DC universe after Sark suggests African-American actress Zoe Kravitz for the role of Barbara Gordon






New Fan Podcast Dedicated to

Movies from Warner Bros. Pictures in the DC Extended Universe.

Thursday, September 10, 2015 – DC TV Podcasts, which is a podcast circle for multiple high-quality DC Comics TV dedicated podcasts, is expanding with a special sixth podcast, that will cover the other side of the DC live-action adventures: DC Movies Podcast!

DC Movies Podcast is a fan podcast devoted to covering, speculating and talking about the DC Comics/Warner Bros. movies and franchises that will be coming out in the DC Extended Universe.

DC Movies Podcast will be helmed by a trio of hosts featuring old and new DC TV Podcasts members: Chris Doucher (Owner/Managing Editor of GeekNerdNet; Contributor of The Flash Podcast), Gregg Katzman (Freelance Writer at ScreenRant; Host of Legends of Tomorrow Podcast) and Rose Moore (Geek Culture Blogger and Writer for Moviepilot) all of whom have made names for themselves individually in the world of pop culture, and will now be joining forces to cover DC Comics on the big screen.

This podcast will begin at the end of September with an episode zero where you will get to know the hosts better as well as how DC Movies Podcast will be working each month. Andy Behbakht, host/producer of The Flash Podcast as well as producing Supergirl Radio and Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, is a producer on DC Movies Podcast and will work behind the scenes with our trio of hosts.

At the start of this podcast, there will be two episodes released per month. As 2016 approaches, which will be the big start of the DC Extended Universe, starting with the highly anticipated Zack Snyder film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice being released March 23, 2016. On each episode, there will be news coverage, speculation as well as eventual reviews of each DC film as the year goes on.

In addition to the coverage of the new DC franchises from Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Movies Podcast will also cover past as well as upcoming DC animated movies from Warner Bros. Animation. Join the hosts of DC Movies Podcast as they go into the beginning of Warner Bros. mega-franchises in the DC Extended Universe!

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DC Movies Podcast is a fan dedicated podcast and is not affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema or DC Entertainment.  Logos and artwork featuring DC Comics characters or properties, are trademark of DC Comics, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures.

About DC TV Podcasts:

DC TV Podcasts is a podcast circle that features a collection of high-quality and popular podcasts that are devoted to DC Comics television series including The CW’s Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, FOX’s Gotham, CBS’s upcoming superhero drama Supergirl and more! Join the hosts of Quiver, The Flash Podcast, Legends of Gotham, Supergirl Radio and Legends of Tomorrow Podcast every week for the best news, commentary and opinions about these comic book shows.