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The Flash Podcast On The Mixx – December 2016

2016 is officially over and for now, television is on a hiatus, including the CW’s The Flash TV show as we wait for the return from the winter break. But one of our geekiest shows on The Mixx Radio Network, The Flash Podcast, kept itself busy with tons of great episodes. If you missed any of the airings of the podcast this month on The Mixx, do not fear as we have all the episodes for you to catch up!

The Flash Podcast Season 3 – Episode 8: Invasion!

This week’s episode of The Flash Podcast is a special one as it took part of a massive podcast crossover between the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, Supergirl Radio and Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast as hosts from all the respective shows came together to cover the 4-show crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow!

The podcast crossover was done live on Thursday, December 1 on as Andy Behbakht, Amy Marie, Brittany Rivera, Andrew Dyce, Lauren Gallaway, Rebecca Johnson, Carly Lane, Kat Calamia and Tim Geraci discuss the “Invasion!” crossover featuring the CW DC heroes united to fight a common threat: the villainous Dominators! Throughout the event, the hosts take questions and feedbacks about “Invasion!” from live listeners as well as from listeners over social media. That and more on the epic podcast crossover between your favorite DC podcasts, The Flash Podcast, Supergirl Radio, Legends of Tomorrow Podcast and Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

For those that weren’t able to participate during the live event: the podcast crossover is available on all the four individual iTunes feeds.

The Flash Podcast Season 3 – Episode 9: The Present

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy Behbakht, Amy Marie, Brittany Rivera and Andrew Dyce get together to review the ninth episode of The Flash Season 3 titled “The Present”, the mid-season finale In this episode, Barry recruits Jay Garrick from Earth-3 for assistance in taking down Savitar. The gang also read listener feedback about “The Present” before going on to discuss what the podcast will be up to while the show is on hiatus until January, 25, 2017! That and more on the latest episode of The Flash Podcast!

Official CW Episode Description for The Flash 3.09: “The Present” | BARRY SEEKS HELP FROM JAY GARRICK — With Alchemy and Savitar still looming threats, Barry (Grant Gustin) is unable to focus on the Christmas holiday, and especially his relationship with Iris (Candice Patton). Determined to stop Savitar, Barry goes to Earth-3 to get advice from Jay Garrick (guest star John Wesley Shipp). Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) wants to help Barry fight Savitar and reveals that he’s been training with H.R. (Tom Cavanagh), which doesn’t go over well with Barry. As Cisco (Carlos Valdes) faces his first Christmas without his brother Dante (guest star Nicholas Gonzalez), old wounds are reopened. Rachel Talalay directed the episode with story by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing and teleplay by Lauren Certo (#309). Original airdate 12/6/2016.”

The Flash Podcast Christmas Special: Fan Q&A & Flash Vs Hogwarts Houses

On the first ever Christmas Special episode of The Flash Podcast, your hosts Andy Behbakht, Amy Marie, Brittany Rivera and Andrew Dyce come together for one of the most special episodes of the whole podcast ever while they wait for The Flash to come back. They took it to Twitter to answer fan questions in the form of a “Ask Us Anything” where listeners and followers asked questions about the hosts’ Season 3 predictions, DC characters, ships, and so much more.

In addition, as promised in last week’s episode, the gang gets all Harry Potter in this podcast as they sort The Flash characters in the four Hogwarts Houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Who belongs in what house? They also read listener’s suggestions of what houses they think respective Flash character belongs to. And last, but not the least, Andy drops a surprise to his hosts and longtime listeners of the podcast as it refers to something that has been talked about quite a lot on air. That and more on the first ever Christmas Special of The Flash Podcast!

The Flash Podcast Special Edition: Comic Roundtable Of The Flash #1-12 (DC Rebirth)

On a Special Edition episode of The Flash Podcast, your hosts Andy Behbakht and Andrew Dyce are joined by the website’s comic book reviewer, Tatiana Hullender. For this episode, the trio discusses and reviews the first 12 issues of the current Flash comic series by Joshua Williamson since DC Rebirth began. The three arcs they go through are “Lightning Strikes Twice” which is between #1-8, “Kid Flash of Two Worlds” for #9 and then “Speed of Darkness” that took place between #10-12 which recently ended. Throughout the discussion, they discuss some of these following questions:

-How was GodSpeed as the latest speedster villain for Barry Allen to fight?

-What were the ups and downs with the Speed Force Storm affecting Central City?

-How did they enjoy Wally West’s arc of becoming Kid Flash?

-What was it like seeing two Wally Wests’ interact with one another?

-Is Jay Garrick possibly returning somehow to this universe?

-What were their thoughts on the latest mini-arc “Speed of Darkness” featuring Shade?

-Are they excited about the next storyline that will debut in January 2017 titled “Rogues Reloaded”?

In addition, they discuss a couple of news items related to the TV show with Jessica Camacho being cast as Gypsy and the potential that Barry is getting a new suit! That and more on the special edition episode of The Flash Podcast! If you want to check out the comic series yourself, you can get them digitally on Comixology or Read DC Entertainment!

The Flash Podcast Special Edition: Flash In 2016 Retrospective & 2017 Predictions

On this week’s special edition episode as well as the last episode of The Flash Podcast for the year, your hosts Andy Behbakht and Adam Holmes get together for a retrospective of the scarlet speedster in the year of 2016 before entering 2017. It’s been a big and long year for everyone’s favorite speedster, both on The CW, the comics as well as on the big screen in the DC Extended Universe.

Throughout the trip down memory lane, the duo talks about some of the biggest Flash moments of 2016 in comics and media, the podcast reaching over 100 episodes this year and more. In addition, they talk about the new trailer for the mid-season premiere titled “Borrowing Problems From The Future”, what’s coming up in Season 3B in 2017. That and more on the special edition episode of The Flash Podcast!

From everyone on the podcast team: Happy New Year speedsters, thanks for everything in 2016, see you in 2017 and make sure that you don’t miss the epic mid-season premiere on Tuesday, January 24 at 8/7c on The CW! Until then folks…see you in a flash!

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on The CW!

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