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Watch Danny Brown’s Claustrophobic New ‘Lost’ Video

Danny Brown released a black-and-white clip for the song “Lost,” which appeared on the rapper’s Atrocity Exhibition album in 2016. 

The video takes place in a cramped apartment. Brown and a group of women are in the kitchen, where they appear to have a busy drug production operation. The clip’s conceit is as tough and straightforward as his verses. Brown sings: “Dog I’m tryin’ to eat/ So I’m staying in the kitchen/ Hunched over the stove.”

Directed by Matilda Finn, the video is all tight shots at hip level, emphasizing the claustrophobic space. The camera pivots to disturbing images: a woman’s mouth as she throws up, Brown’s gnashing teeth, an eyeball straining to see through the peephole.

“Lost” builds around a short, unhurried loop courtesy of the producer Playa Haze; it’s not much more than a dragging beat, a blip of indiscernible vocals and an occasional wandering horn line. That’s all Brown needs to make an impression. “Gotta screw loose,” he raps during the song’s second verse. “I’m cuckoo.”

The “Lost” clip is the third video Brown has released this year following “Ain’t It Funny” and “Accelerator.” 

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