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Watch Selena Gomez Play Mom, High School Principal in ‘Bad Liar’ Video

Selena Gomez plays three characters in her new, 1970s-set “Bad Liar” video. Throughout the video, directed by Lemonheads co-founder Jesse Peretz, a teenager watches in shock as her mom begins a fling with the school principal, with Gomez in each role.

The clip opens with Gomez biking to school, set against a vivid mountain backdrop. After earning some mean stares from girls in the hallway, she settles into chemistry class and gazes out the window, glimpsing a flirtatious exchange between her mom and the mustachioed principal. Later that night, after an awkward dinner with the couple, the young Gomez unwinds by dancing in her bedroom.

“Bad Liar” samples Tina Weymouth’s throbbing bassline from Talking Heads’ 1977 classic “Psycho Killer.” Heads mastermind David Byrne offered his seal of approval on Twitter, writing, “I really like the song … and her performance too. #selenagomez #BadLiar #psychokiller.”

The video ends by teasing a project called “Fetish,” which is “coming soon.” Gomez’s last LP, Revival, came out in 2015.

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