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Watch Sia’s Emotional New ‘Free Me’ Video With Zoe Saldana

Sia has unveiled her powerful new “Free Me” video, which features Zoe Saldana and Julianne Moore. The track will benefit the #endHIV campaign.

In the clip, which was directed by Blake Martin and features the choreography of Sia’s longtime collaborator Ryan Heffington, Julianne Moore narrates as it opens on Saldana in a doctor’s office. Saldana portrays “an expecting mother, a daughter, a friend,” Moore says. “She’s about to learn that HIV has taken hold of her body, attacking her immune system and if left untreated will be passed on to the baby growing inside her.”

As the news sinks in for Saldana, she works through her emotions with a moving interpretive dance as other dancers join her. Sia’s piano-led ballad, which incorporates soaring orchestral passages, serves as their soundtrack. “Free me, free me/ from this pain I’ve been running from,” Sia sings on the cathartic chorus. “I’m tired and I’m free falling/ Free me, free me/ from this shame I’ve been running from/ I’m lost and I am calling you.”

All proceeds from the song will be donated to the #endHIV campaign. In collaboration with the Abzyme Research Foundation, the campaign is raising funds to commercially manufacture a promising HIV vaccine for FDA approval and for a human clinical trial. 

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